Affordable insurance for all enabled through technology


What do we do?

DDFinance connects insurance providers and mobile operators in emerging markets through our proprietary technical platform, ensuring that insurance providers retain digital control of the entire insurance value chain. The result: scalable insurance products for enormous volumes of customers at the lowest possible administration costs.

Are you an insurance provider or mobile operator struggling to achieve profitability in supplying low-income segments with insurance products?


Why do we exist?

Because traditional insurance has failed in low-income markets. In emerging markets, majority populations are without access to affordable insurance products, creating cycles of commercial and social progress gain followed by preventable loss. This is unnecessary. We enable social progress by making insurance available for the mass-market. 

What is our focus?

Reducing the cost of insurance. There are many obstacles in supplying insurance in low-income markets (“microinsurance”), but none more substantial than lack of profitability. Commercially viable microinsurance requires low-to-zero administration costs. Traditional “brick and mortar” insurers, impeded by manual workflows, struggle to overcome this barrier. This is why we leverage state-of-the-art technology to drive costs out of the equation. Enabling commercial viability is the only way to ensure scalability and sustainability for microinsurance.


What do we deliver?

DDFinance delivers a solution that connects insurance providers and mobile operators. Over 70% of the uninsured own a digital point of access - the mobile telephone. This population, regardless of social background, already live a mobile enabled existence.

DDFinance’s solution gives insurance providers digital control of the entire insurance value chain. We leverage advanced data science and process automation across every driver of the value chain. In areas ranging from marketing, customer journey, risk evaluation, claims handling and payment processing, our customers benefit from quick, efficient and convenient service offerings achieved through end-to-end automation.